futanarica: Office Fuckfest – Endless Orgasms With Futa release…


Office Fuckfest – Endless Orgasms With Futa release is here!

– I need to say “Mr. Chester, you’re a lewd little thing… Do you like dirty games? I can play in them!” Relax, it’s just two of my fingers on their way to your prostate…

– Oh, that’s good!

– I smeared my fingers in your cum Mr. Chester, and they just slipped into your asshole! Aren’t I resourceful, Mr. Chester? *Giggles* Oh, that’s it. I think I found the spot…

– Yes, that’s it! You’re very smart, Sue! Just a godsend! Push harder, yeah, like this, deeper, my Goddess!

– Don’t worry, Mr. Chester, you know I’m extremely attentive and careful with all my work… You are satisfied with my professional qualities, Mr. Chester, aren’t you? And now I’ll start carefully, and slowly introduce… Like this. Gently and slowly… Oh, my God, you’re erupting again! I’m not even halfway in!

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